About Us

YBH – STUDIO was established by the designer Yossi Ben Harush in 2020.
The brand combines fashion and functionality at a high level, offering clothing unique to the current era,
with a minimalist and meticulous design, reaching beyond the boundaries of age.


Yossi is inspired by the experience of life itself, the people who walk the bustling city streets between the tall buildings, nature, and clean horizons.

 These are reflected in his aesthetic designs which play with angles and volume, while combining the architectural elements and proportions, in a way that allows the piece to give a unique shape to the body.


Yossi Ben Harush was born in 1990 in Nice, France. From his birth he absorbed the spirit of art through inspiration from his painter father, who he spent endless hours with in his studio.

 This time spent together helped him connect to an abstract view of a world of colors and shapes. From his grandfather, a renowned fashion designer, he gained inspiration and passion for the industry of design and the importance of attention to detail.

In 2017, Yossi graduated from the famous Shenkar College of Design and began an apprenticeship with successful fashion companies in Israel.